La Tinara del Belvedere


Welcome to a world of refined refinement,
quite and relaxation,
where time stands still.

The privilege
of admiring the lakes of Brianza Lecchese
from an 1500s farmhouse
is reserved only for those
who are looking for an extraordinary experience.




In the delicate embrace between day and night,
the sunset paints a magical work in the sky.

The mountains,
with a gently undulating profile,
gently give way to shades of orange and pink
that dance on their peaks.< /p>

The lake,
silver mirror framed by green paths,
proudly reflects the last kiss of the sun
that hides behind the mountains.

It is a moment suspended in time,
in which nature reveals its majesty
and the world calms down to admire it. </ p>

Sunset reminds us that even the end can be a new beginning,
and that between shadow and light, between day and night,
there is an eternal harmony to be contemplated and preserved.



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Welcome to our corner of paradise in the lakes of Brianza Lecchese! Imagine waking up in a charming 16th century farmhouse with a breathtaking view of the lakes. Our welcoming rooms combine the warmth of the ancient with modern comfort, giving you an unforgettable stay. Book your perfect escape now and enjoy the quiet of the surrounding nature and the historical charm of our structure. Let yourself be lulled by the song of the birds and abandon the daily stress. Your days will begin with a breathtaking view and end with unforgettable sunsets. Don't put off the pleasure, book your room now and immerse yourself in a timeless experience.





At the table of our restaurant

Have you ever dreamed of enjoying a delicious dinner while the sun dips gently behind the mountains, coloring the sky in warm tones? Our accommodation facility with a panoramic view of the Brianza Lecchese lakes offers you the opportunity to live this unique experience!

Join us for a Magical Sunset Dinner that will leave you speechless. Relax in our welcoming structure while admiring a breathtaking natural spectacle. Prepare your palate for a selection of gourmet dishes, cooked with love by our chefs, who will be able to satisfy your every culinary desire.

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philosophy and tradition

We welcome you to our oasis of serenity, a corner of paradise immersed in the magic of the Brianza Lecchese lakes.
In a world where choices are many, we are proud to offer you a truly unique experience that we can summarize in 5 principles:

tranquility and isolation

Here you will find shelter from the bustle of the city, a refuge in untouched nature.
Your nights will be cradled by silence, and your days enlivened by the colors and breathtaking views of the lakes.

furniture and landscapes

Our rooms are treated in detail, a combination of comfort and style.
Enjoy the thrill of waking up with a direct view of the lakes, giving yourself a feeling of peace every morning.

national and international refined cuisine

Our chefs will delight you with delicacies that will take you on a journey through the flavors of the world,
with a touch of elegance that only we can offer.</p >

winery of excellence

Our selection of wines, the result of attention to the best labels on the market,
will be the perfect companion for your moments of haute cuisine.

authentic welcome

Our professional and attentive staff will make you feel right at home.
We will welcome you with a sincere smile and a warmth that will make you remember our hospitality of the highest level forever.
We are happy to be your refuge, the place to live unique experiences, and we are ready to welcome you with open arms.


We are waiting for you to let you experience moments that will be part of your best memories.



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We are waiting for you here

don't make us wait


Here is the Tinara del Belvedere,
a jewel enveloped in the beauty of time and the magic of sunsets.
Every evening, the sky is tinged with kaleidoscopic shades that dance on our ancient walls, creating an unforgettable show.

We invite you to book a stay in this charming retreat,
where history blends with modern comfort.
Treat yourself to days of absolute relaxation,
immersing yourself in the quiet of the surrounding landscape,
or let yourself be lulled by the sweet idleness in our well-kept garden.

Our elegant and comfortable rooms
are ready to welcome you for a unique experience.

The genuine flavors of our cuisine and the attention to detail make every moment special.

Live the sensation of going back in time,
while enjoying all the comforts of today.

Book now, and get ready to experience a stay
that will leave an indelible mark in your memories.

We are waiting for you to let you experience the authentic essence of a stay in our 1500s Inn.



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